PATRON Khalid Usman 9th Entry Omar/Iqbal Wing
PRESIDENT Dr. Khaqan Khan 22nd Entry Omar Wing
VICE PRESIDENT Rahat Jalal 14th Entry Haider Wing
I was Wing Commander, Haider Wing (1971-72). Engineer by profession, but I made a living selling, marketing and managing car & truck sales, mostly in the ME, with Toyota, Budget/Avis and Nissan. Formally retired in April 2018, my permanent base is now Markham, Ontario. I am enjoying spending my time with my grand children, pickleball and charity, not necessarily in that sequence though! I am a die- hard Abdalian - always was and always will be!
GENERAL SECRETARY Azhar Shah 24th Entry Haider Wing
My name is Azhar A.Shah living in Toronto, Canada for almost 20 years. Proud to be son of Late Z.A.Shah (Principal and Professor of Chemistry at CCH). I am a happy family with Three grown up kids.As a Professional Engineer and certified Safety Professional in Transportation Industry serving Canada leading Transportation Company as Safety Manager.
I am Khaqan Khan, 22nd entry Omar Wing. I am currently working in a management position in Ontario's crown electric power sector agency. I have a passion for CCH and want to contribute to noble causes through The Canadian Abdalians Association.
A business leader, pioneer and philanthropist known for community involvement, fund raising, support of charitable causes, and leadership in the non- profit sector. Khalid served as Councillor for the Town of Markhan from 1997-2006 and again from 2018-today. A recipient of Medal of Good Citizenship Ontario and Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award and Taghma- e-Khidmat from President of Pakistan.
TREASURER Aamir Masood 19th Entry Liaqat Wing
I am Aamir Masood, from 19th Entry, Liaqat Wing. I work as a Structural Engineer.
DIRECTOR Asim Ibrahim 25th Entry Omar Wing
I am a hotelier, a global traveller and a passionate foodie, all thanks to CCH. Busy uplifting Pakistan’s hospitality and tourism, shuttling between Toronto and Pakistan. Member of Pakistan Tourism Board Investments group.
DIRECTOR Ahmed Saeed 27th Entry Omar Wing
I am from 27th Entry, Omar Wing. I am married and have three kids. I am a project management professional working with Bell. I like traveling and watching sports. It is a great pleasure to be part of The Abdalians Association of Canada.
DIRECTOR Asim Elahi 31st Entry Omar Wing
I am an IT professional living in Canada since 1998. I am a family man who believes that every moment in life is precious and we must make the most out of it with our loved ones. I love travelling, eating, and watching Netflix. Did I tell you that I am a news junkie and try to follow what is going on around the world. World Peace is my dream. I want make the world a better place for our future generations.
DIRECTOR Khurram Qureshi 31st Entry Omar Wing
IT Program Manager with more than 20 years of experience working with Public and Private sector in Pakistan, Canada and the US. I am an avid sports fan and follow Cricket, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, Golf and Tennis. In addition to all that I like to play golf and tennis and dedicate some of my remaining time to TV, movies and book reading.
DIRECTOR Abdul Samad Khan 45th Entry Iqbal Wing
I am a Management Consultant- I love to travel and explore places that people are less likely to visit.
ADVISORY COMMITTEE Dr. Tayyab Sami Khan 42nd Entry Aurangzeb Wing
I belong to the 42nd entry, Aurangzeb Wing. I am a physician, and like to take the roads less travelled.
ADVISORY COMMITTEE Pervez Qureshi 2nd Entry Haider Wing
I belong to the 2nd Entry, Haider Wing. I have been working as a sales person for real estate with RE/Max Realty Specialists, Inc, Mississauga since April 2005 and have been trying to get my clients their dream homes.
ADVISORY COMMITTEE Rizwan Malik 27th Entry Jinnah Wing
I am Rizwan Nawaz Malik and belong to the 27th entry, Jinnah Wing. I work as a realtor.
ADVISORY COMMITTEE Hassan Salahuddin 31th Entry Aurangzeb Wing
I am an IT consultant and live in Toronto with my family.
ADVISORY COMMITTEE Imran Mir 38th Entry Iqbal Wing
I am an IT Consultant in the Capital Markets world. Just like the good old CCH days, I still enjoy playing all kinds of sports. Proud to be an Abdalian
Since 1952 Cadet College Hasan Abdal has been offering talented students a unique experience in character building, academic excellence, and leadership.
ADVISORY COMMITTEE Shayan Altaf 52nd Entry Liaqat Wing
I am a Management Engineer by profession specializing in Data Systems and Financial Risk Management. I just cannot get enough of my cravings for travel, authentic food and life in general.
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DIRECTOR Dr. Syed Yasser Haider 24th Entry Omar Wing
I am Syed Yasser Haider. 24th entry Omar Wing. I live in Markham ON. I am a orthopaedic surgeon specialized in knee and hip replacement surgery. CCH has played a vital role in my life and I am eternally grateful to all my teachers.