The Abdalian Association of Canada (TAAC) aims to facilitate all new Abdalian immigrants and their families during their settling and normalization process in Canada while they integrate into Canadian society (socially and professionally). If you are a new Immigrant then it is an opportunity to be involved and become part of the association. We will assist you in all best possible ways and make your experience of settling here as smooth as possible.

If you want to volunteer or have something to share and give back then please contact us by sending an email to or call 416 702 0943 for further information or assistance.

Benefits of Joining your Abdalians Canada Association (TAAC)

Networking Opportunities:

Being a member you will get Opportunities to Network with an extensive pool of Abdalian professionals and entrepreneurs


All members who are new comers to Canada will be provided an opportunity to connect to volunteer mentors for professional growth.

Abdalians Directory:

TAAC will provide its members an up to date Directory showing contact info of other Abdalians and their profession.


Being member and connected to a diverse background of professionals, you will have access to getting some excellent guidance in finding right jobs, and career enhancement.

Opportunities to give back to community (here in Canada and overseas):

By joining this prestigious association, you will have the opportunity to bring value to the association and you will be able to donate in many ways to give back to Canadian community and also donate to the registered charities and financially assist deserving students of CCH.

Electing the directors:

Please note that only members of TAAC shall get the opportunity to vote and elect directors or get themselves elected as Directors under the rules mentioned in the NFP Act. This way you can contribute more towards TAAC.

Discounted Rates on Annual Gala Events:

Only TAAC members shall be entitled to discounted rates for their families on TAAC functions vs non-members and few functions might be for members only / entry by invitation only. 

Sponsorships and Advertising on TAAC Websites:

TAAC members get priority and discounted advertising / marketing and sponsorship rates for advertising their business on TAAC website or on our Annual events.