Dear Abdalians,
“To add a bit of humour, and spice, to our website, we have added a unique ‘page’: it will contain the ‘trivia’ and a summary of what is ‘happening’ on our own WhatsApp group titled ‘Abdalians-Canada’. Besides a quick re-cap of important ‘news & views’ that may have been missed by some, it will also be a light diversion from the mundane and the humdrum life experienced, at times, by an Abdalian in Canada”

Glimpses of the food distribution, organized by Abdalian Khaqan Khan and supported by over 50 Abdalians, during 2022, at his village in Attack, Pakistan…

TAAC Announcement
On July 16th 2022, Annual Picnic of The Canadian Abdalians Association of Canada(TAAC) held an annual picnic get together in Oakville, Canada. This event was attended by very large number of Canadian Abdalians and their families. Get together was a mix of younger, middle and golden generation ex-Cadets and their families. All were able to cherish precious old CCH memories as well as a more solid continuing bond was developed among all (Abdalians spirit)

Recognition award/gifts were given to First Entry ex-Cadet (Sir Zubair Pirzada) and our ex teacher Sir Javed Iqbal(ex-CCH Teacher) and youngest attendee ex-Cadet Sohaib (57th entry).
Sincere thanks are given to The organizing team including Khurram Qureshi, Aamir Masood, Rahat Jalal, Ahmad Saeed, Rizwan Malik with the leadership and contributions from Dr Khaqan Khan and other MC members. Special thanks to all attendees and respective families who made this event a joyful day for all. Enjoy some pics of TAAC get- together.

Kind Regards
Dr Khaqan Khan