TAAC has following Goals and Objectives to work towards and achieve with the help of everyone who is a member of this association. 


  1. Promoting and facilitating diversity by supporting multiculturalism, equal rights for all communities including our Abdalians community here in Canada.
  2. Facilitating all Abdalians with their settling and normalization process in Canada while they integrate into Canadian society (socially and professionally).
  3. Providing best possible mentorship, training and overall guidance to Abdalian professionals in varying professional fields in Canada, Pakistan and Internationally.
  4. To support CCH, its current and past students and staff in social and relief activities.
  5. Fostering social relationships between Abdalian families and families of other communities in Canada and Pakistan.
  6. Collaborate and associate with other international Abdalian forums globally.
  7. Plan and organize community BBQ and social events for entertainment of members and their families. Support and participate in cross-cultural activities.
  8. Donate portion of funds generated after management committee approval to deserving organizations in Canada, deserving students in CCH and to any calamities in Canada or other countries.